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The latest eyebrow pigment /ecological eyebrow color /manual pen / tattooing machine

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The latest eyebrow pigment /ecological eyebrow color /manual pen / tattooing machine

NAME:XCF ecological eyebrow  pigments

INTRODUCTIONS: DAZZLING COLORS’  latest brand cream brow pigments are extracted from nature plant , and produced exquisitely with nanotechnology; Contain microfine particles, and easily absorbed by skin; Less fading and truer color. It can be used with manual pen and machine .

Best on the shelf : three years. Our company suggests that technician do not mix different colors to do procedure , when using XCF pigments . For example , you can use XCF Black Brown or XCF Dark Brown as the skin- toned .And then you can choose another one lighter than them for the second step in order to reduce mistake .

1.XCF Black Brown :
Use on medium to dark skin-toned clients with thick eyebrow. Add Dark Brown in the second step to achieve a softer look. Add XCF Yellow to prevent fading and turning red or blue.

2.XCF Dark Brown :
Lighter than XCF Black Brown, can be used on all skin tones, but mostly used on medium brown skin tones. Add another color lighter than them to produce a more natural look.

3.XCF Brown :
Mostly used on young and fashion clients because of the warm, red tone base. If the skin has white tones and with light brow, this color will create a warmer brown tone.

4.XCF Light Brown :
Gold-based brown used for light skin tones. Add Yellow for a more blonde look.

5.XCF Gray Brown:
A good match for young people who love nature with light brow . And it can be used as small line .

6.XCF Beige: It can change the color, when the technicians make a mistake on the eyebrow.

7.XCF Yellow: It can stabilize the pigment to make the eyebrow to be natural and truer color . To prevent eyebrows from fading to red and blue add a drop of XCF Yellow to the desired brown tone.

8.XCF Green: It can be operated directly to change the red eyebrow into natural brown color without laser.

9.XCF Orange:It can be operated directly to change the blue eyebrow into dark brown color without laser.

10.XCF Jet Black: It is not only made on the people whose skin is black and eyebrow is dense, it is also for the eyeliner.

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