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XCF latest brand lip colors/PMU lip color/machine & manual pen micro pigment

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XCF latest brand lip colors/PMU lip color/machine & manual pen micro pigment

Name:XCF latest brand lip colors

Introduction:XCF latest permanent makeup brand lip colors,apply for national patented report,extracted from nature plant。 XCF permanent makeup lip colors has 4colors,for different people skin age and markets.let you get a perfect technical effect.Suitable for high-end customer group.can create a full of color saturation,more bright and shinning,just make different color as you want and control the freely Easily absorbed by skin more exquisite and soft ,like lip gloss to let you looks perfect and lifelike.

Best on the shelf: three years.

1.XCF latest brand lip colors natural red: A natural soft red can use for all kinds of skin tones,it’s a kind of popular red and old-fashioned one, usually fit for woman that don’t like makeup and easy-going.
2.XCF latest brand lip colors gorgeous red: beautiful, colourful red ,the gorgeous red is moderate, like Blossom flowers, suitable for all the beautiful people.
3.XCF latest brand lip colors garnet red :Office lady’s first choice.Garnet red is mature generous red,this color make more charming and good-looking.Be fit for those professional personality customer.

4.XCF excellent deep red colors
Chinese red,suitable for customers who is fashionable and loves makeup,also good for personalities.