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Guangzhou Dazzling colors’ Permanent Makeup 32th High-level Intensive Training Summit 9.4 2016

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XCF never gives up trying and innovating on the road of permanent makeup. XCF is grateful of everybody that trusts and supports it. In order to show our gratitude, XCF gathers the guests from all around the world to hold the intensive training summit to help everyone enhance their ability of tattooing.



The high-level INTENSIVE TRAINING SUMMIT will be held on Aug. 31th to Sept. 1th  2016.The keynote speaker is Zhang Yu Ping, who is the brand founder, chief officer of XCF, the founder of nanny education system of permanent makeup. She will unveil the newest permanent makeup technique in detail and show the technique to all presents here. The summit will last three days. If you want to enhance your technique of tattooing, XCF INTENSIVE TRAINING SUMMIT is a best choice.


The summit includes three contents:

Part one:Delicate moth eyebrow technique and Ecological Eyebrow technique

Zhang Yu Ping, the founder of XCF will unveil the newest patent technique for brow, “Ecological Eyebrow”, which will be fashionable and popular all around the world. This technique is different from others, and it uses a variety of pigments, needles to operate so as to make the eyebrow more natural and more verisimilar. In addition, she will show everyone the technique combining theory and practice. Therefore, everyone here should seize this good chance to make you improve yourself.


Part two: 3D Dreamy Lip-tattooing technique

3D Dreamy Lip-tattooing has applied for the trademark registered. This technique makes your lip more crystal, sparkling, and dreamier. In the meantime, Teacher Zhang will tell all of you how to mix the colors and lead you to change the antiquate methods of operation gradually.


Part three: Charming Eyeliner-tattooing technique

Charming eyeliner-tattooing technique has already applied for the trademark registered. It makes the eyeliner more black highlights, more natural and vivid. What’s more, it can make your eyes prominent and make you more charming and attractive.


In INTENSIVE TRAINING SUMMIT, Zhang Yu Ping will spend three days in presenting the most advanced technique for eyebrows, lips and eyeliner. Besides, if you have any questions about permanent makeup, you can ask the teacher for help. At last, teacher Zhang will make a summary of three-day course. Everyone who wants to enhance your ability of tattooing, please pay more attention to our INTENSIVE TRAINING SUMMIT.

The greatest international exhibition in Guangzhou 3.9.2016

In the next few days, our company will take part in the Guangzhou Beauty Expo from Sept.4th to 6th, 2016. In order to expand brand awareness and international fame, Jin Yuan Group participates in the Conton Fair twice a year. As we all know, Conton Fair is a good platform to show ourselves to all of you from all over the world. We want to make everyone know the vision of Jin Yuan Group: CREATE BEAUTY; SPREAD BEAUTY; MAKE EVERYONE BEAUTIFUL.



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Date: Sept 4th to 6th  

Add:E31-E39,12.1 Hall, B District, Pazhou International Exhibition Center,Guangzhou (the main road brand booth)



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XCF is the leader and pioneer of permanent makeup of China

We are the best permanent makeup supplier and Training school

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 XCF internationalization



XCF never gives up innovation, so it enjoys a good reputation all over the world. In order to make everybody who likes tattooing have a specialized stage to study, XCF is becoming international gradually. Furthermore, we have many students from Russia, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and so on.



Major business:

Professional PMU training school

Excellent permanent makeup products

Superior permanent makeup technical services




We are sincere to invite all of you to take part in Jin Yuan Group Conton Fair, and Welcome to attend this beauty expo in Guangzhou, 3.9.2016. With all of your support, we will be better.